All of these files are downloadable, but be careful: the .bz2 file is over 10 megabytes. I suggest you start by reading strat1.txt and/or README.txt, which explain what this directory and the contained archives are all about.

The file contains all sources you need to build Python extension modules (at least for Windows, Linux and MacOSX, but there should be no problems on other systems either) to perform fast double-dummy analysis of bridge hands (if you have the appropriate c/c++ compilers -- all my work so far has been with various versions of gcc, only). In the future I intend to make available suitable binaries too (there are some, slightly older, in; Bo Haglund's site, , has a DLL for Windows that you might use in Python via ctypes in the meantime (but I suggest instead you download and install mingw32, which will let you build pydds.pyd for Python 2.4.3 via

    python build_ext -i --compiler=mingw32
You'll also need a suitably patched for that (I'm submitting the patch to Python soon, but don't know when it will go in).

Happy reading, downloading, and/or hacking!